Friday, February 11, 2011

My Valentines Gift.... New Blinds!!

So.... Ever since Joe and I bought our house I wanted to get some type of blinds for our front room and my bedroom. What i really wanted were Plantation shutters.... well... They are way to expensive, So after a lot of searching I decided on 2 1/2 inch Faux wood white blinds from The price was great and they allow you to order free samples so you can see the color and Texture. 

The Master Bedroom Has 2 Windows on either side of the Bed

Even Gavin decided to help!

The Instilation was super easy, you just mount these brackets and then slide the blinds in and snap it closed

Thanks Babe!! I love them!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Starting A Blog.....

This Blog has been a long time coming... I enjoy following and reading others blogs so much, and i kept saying that i would start my I kept putting it on my TO DO list... and then of course something would get in the way, For example: My husband and I bought a house then just 4 months later we got pregnant with a precious baby boy Gavin, and life seemed to just fly by from there, Now my little prince is 4 months old and i just can believe it. So here i am FINALLY starting my blog. I am sooo excited to share my thoughts, my little family as it continues to grow and my endless thoughts of creativity and craftiness with all my projects and project ideas. So...... Welcome to my Blog!

Stacey Harten